Key to Life uses the HighScope Curriculum. HighScope takes a hands-on approach to assist children in all areas of learning. It encompasses a variety of subjects including basic academics, social-emotional skills, physical education, and creativity. Most importantly, it allows for flexibility, giving teachers the opportunity to fit each child’s individual needs in alignment with the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards.




Activities will be planned to provide children with a variety of experiences.  Some activities will include:  
  •  Language development: Books, music, story time, Bible time, finger plays, flannel board stories
  •  Large motor skills: Balls, hula hoops, bean bags, swinging, outdoor play
  •  Fine motor skills: Arts & crafts, stringing beads, pegboards, blocks
  •  Creative expression: Dramatic play, puppets, music/instruments, flannel board
  •  Self-help skills: Assist with mealtime preparation, dress self for outdoors



Infant classrooms at Key to Life will follow a flexible schedule that takes into account the needs of each individual child. Infants are allowed to eat and sleep according to their own schedule. The classroom is equipped with toys that help to foster basic developmental skills. The body position of non-mobile infants and their location in the classroom will be changed frequently to offer a variety of stimuli. Staff members regularly take infants out of the classroom in strollers to provide a range of experiences throughout the day. Our nurturing staff provide infants with attentive care while communicating regularly with parents to keep them informed of all the details of each day.


Toddler classrooms at Key to Life provide a bit more structure for children as they grow and develop while still allowing for these little ones to be individuals. Toddlers eat and nap together at scheduled times. Toddler activities and toys are designed for physical, cognitive, and social development. Verbal communication is encouraged through interaction with staff and classmates. Our caring staff appreciate the many challenges and delights of this age group and their patience guides them through all the silliness of each day.


Preschool classrooms follow a planned daily schedule of activities, helping prepare for kindergarten readiness. This includes further development in the physical, cognitive, and social areas with strong focus placed on fine motor skills practice such as writing and use of scissors. Core subject areas include literacy, math, science and social studies with an emphasis on God’s love for each and every person. All this with a large dose of FUN in a safe environment makes Key to Life Preschool a great choice for your child.




Check back soon or call for information on our school age summer program.

School age children are provided with a quiet, designated area to relax, read and study with homework help. Age-appropriate materials and activities are provided and planned daily for the multi-age levels of the children before and after school.